Product Release Notes


October 10, 2017

  • Corrected an issue where times could not be selected in Calendar 🗓️  and Directory apps

  • Addressed an issue where some Sales accounts could not be updated

  • Resolved an issue in To Do where non-property users 🤓  appeared in the Assign To field

  • Addressed an issue that caused Inventory items to be mistakenly deleted

  • Various other updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections

October 2, 2017

Updates to Sales App:  

  • Added Seasonal Rates & Blackout Date rate settings to Sales app Settings 🏆 
  • Linked Seasonal Rates & Blackout dates to Negotiated Rates Bookings
  • Added Room Night Commitment field to Negotiated Rates Bookings 🌜
  • Updated Form Fields for Corporate Contract Templates to include Seasonal Rates, Blackout Dates and Projected Room Night Commitment


September 14, 2017

  • Resolved an issue where Log Book entries appeared in the wrong order

  • Various other updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections


July 25, 2017

  • Resolved an issue where users could not access the photo library 📷  on newer iOS devices

  • Corrected several issues related to Deep Cleans in Cleanings Records

  • Various other updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections 💥 


June 15, 2017

  • Filter selections are now saved on the To Do list until you log out
  • Enhanced the Inspection Records to allow you to view attached documents

  • Restored functionality to the Top 3 Complaints on the Above Property Dashboard

  • Resolved an issue that prevented in some To Do items from being recorded on the At-a-Glance Bar

  • Various other updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections ✨


May 26, 2017

  • Updated Cleanings Records to show inspections by type
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Room Status Exception log sheets from posting
  • Added a cell phone field to Sales contacts 📱
  • Added an automatic response to the Connect log when messages are undeliverable
  • Various other updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections


May 5, 2017

Released the new Cleanings App: 

  •  Guestroom cleaning inspections have moved from Rooms Book to a dedicated app 😺
  • Enhanced the Overview page to show daily cleanings and periodic deep cleans independently
  • Each cleaning type can now have unique inspection templates
  • Deep Cleans can be tracked quarterly, semiannually, or annually
  • Property-created inspection templates can be edited, reordered, duplicated, and deleted
  • Updated mobile styling and streamlined the user interface
  • Cleanings will still update the Rooms Book Status grid


April 12, 2017

  •  Various updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections


March 28, 2017

Major updates to Complaints app:

  • Added the ability to include a guest’s loyalty number

  • Users can now record a guest’s Check In and Out dates, which will update the Dashboard Rooms Grid

  • Updated the Guest Mood options to include Neutral

  • Users can now record multiple issues in the same Complaint

  • Users can now add a Reported By user to a Complaint for times when the source of the information is someone other than the poster

  • Complaints can now have a related To Do and Complaint

  • Closing Complaints now provides an easy option to create a Follow Up Task


March 20, 2017

  • Added Once a Day as a recurring value for Inspections and Checklists

  • Added Checklists to the To Do list page

  • Resolved an issue where the To Do list did not appear for some legacy browsers

  • Various updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections


February 6, 2017

Major update to the To Do list:

  • Restyled the list for better readability

  • Changed the list to show items due one day at a time

  • Removed priority from all To Dos to put focus on guest-related items

  • Added Complaints, Inspections, PMs, and Recurring readings to the list

  • Standardized/added frequency to Inspections and PMs

  • Created Bundled items

  • Updated Recurring settings to prompt for multiple readings each day

  • Standardized Tasks and Sales Traces (if applicable) for better visibility

  • Removed the To Do app badge


December 14, 2016

  • Enhanced Sales to account for bookings with very early checkout times

  • Added the ability to adjust the threshold of the Sales GRC

  • Resolved an issue where some reports did not allow for property selection

  • Corrected an issue where some Log Entries and Requests appeared for the wrong date

  • Resolved an issue where pool readings did not appear

  • Removed the inactive, Quore-owned PM Templates

  • Resolved an issue where PM Trend Reports were blank

  • Various other updates, enhancements, additions, and corrections