Quore is Helping Hotels Deliver Exceptional Pool Experiences via its Pool Readings Module


It’s summer, and with the heat comes vacationers looking for hotels with swimming pools. This seasonal amenity is a big revenue generator for operators, but it can also be a liability if the pool is not properly maintained. Quore, a hotel workforce communications platform used by more than 3,900 hotels (including 560 management companies and 80 hotel brands in 29 countries) is helping operators ensure that their pools, hot tubs and spas meet water safety standards by automating the water-testing process within its pool readings module.

Quore’s Recurring app enables hotel engineers to test a pool’s chlorine, pH, alkalinity and calcium levels at least twice daily, as well as water temperature and GPM (gallons per minute) and PSI (pound-force per square inch) flow rates… read more on Hospitality Upgrade.