New Features, New Look, Same Quore


Quore is committed to providing an empowering experience so you can problem-solve and troubleshoot quickly, keeping you up to speed with the fast-paced hotel environment.  As part of our ongoing promise to you, we have updated our login experience with a new look and added in some great new features to complement it. This is just the beginning of the updates that will be coming to you over the next few months, so strap in and stay tuned. For now, let's focus on what we've recently been working on. 


Giving You A Reset

The biggest feature we're introducing is our new password reset option on the login page. Have issues with forgetting your password? Now you can use the login page to quickly and securely reset your password. While our support team prides itself on being available to every customer, we realize that sometimes you need a faster solution. No more calling to reset your password, you’ll be able to do it instantly from your desktop and continue on with your workday.

*Note: To ensure your account's security, during a password reset we will send a verification code via email or text message. Please make sure you have a valid email address and mobile number in your account settings to best utilize the password reset feature. You can add or update your account settings on the My Account page.

Less is More

You’ll also notice our login experience looks just a little different. The new login design is the first step in introducing our new brand, which we'll begin to roll out to other parts of the product over the next few months. As the approachable, friendly and accessible-to-all solution for hoteliers, we want our product as well as our brand design to be reflective of that. We've been in your shoes—many of our employees come from the hospitality industry—so we want to make sure to provide you with a service that doesn't add more time to your day. Our new brand speaks to these ideas through playful illustrations, vibrant colors, and friendly, straight-forward language. A minimal design with lots of clean white space paired with industry-focused visuals helps reinforce Quore as a tool for optimizing your staff workflow.


The Inside Matters, Too

What’s on the inside matters just as much as what’s on the outside. We’ve updated our backend technology in order to improve overall performance, bringing you a faster, better, and more reliable experience each time you log in. 

We hope you enjoy our new design and features, and if you haven’t experienced it yet, log in now and take a look.

Keep an eye out for more to come.

Michelle HaftComment