Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt Reduces Guest Complaints with Quore


The Challenge

General Manager Thom Druffel and the staff at Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt were utilizing a popular hospitality technology solution to handle internal operations, but they weren't particularly happy with its inability to easily share important information between departments and its lack of immediacy in reporting guest complaints. These issues resulted in valuable data getting lost in between departments and a lag time in the staff's ability to respond to guest complaints. 

What we got from Quore is an incredibly user-friendly solution that tackled the key issues right away.
— Thom Druffel, General Manager, Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt

The Solution

During a Holiday Inn regional conference, Druffel heard about Quore's capabilities from several of his peers, which convinced him to make the switch for his teams. "What we got from Quore is an incredibly user-friendly solution that tackled the key issues right away," said Druffel. "The longer we use it, the more we're able to accomplish."

Quore immediately allowed Druffel and Guest Services Manager Logan A. Smith to more accurately identify property- and department- specific data trends and respond to guest complaints before the guest checked out.


In January 2018, Quore's software analyzed data from the hotel's guest requests, engineering reports, work orders and its additional data-tracking applications. The results alerted Druffel that broken welcome lights in guest rooms were consistently among the top three guest complaints and work orders. The issue affected the hotel's guest and staff across multiple departments, from the front desk staff alerting maintenance, to the maintenance and engineering teams repairing the lights time and time again. Quore flagged that the hotel's problem was a systemic lighting issue, not just a one-off issue. Responding to this newly analyzed data, the hotel proactively replaced the welcome lights in each of its 297 rooms, saving hours of time and money for the property. 


The Results

The following month, there was not a single guest complaint or maintenance work order related to broken welcome lights. This shift allowed the hotel's staff, from the front desk to the back-of-house employees, to spend their time more efficiently, leading to long-term savings and increased guest satisfaction.

The longer we use it (Quore), the more we’re able to accomplish.
— Thom Druffel, General Manager, Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt