Have You Updated Your Mobile OS?—Check Your Settings


At Quore, our goal is to provide all users with the highest quality experience. That means bringing you the best of what we have to offer, including a reliable, secure connection and new features. Over the next few months we are making some enhancements and updates to the Quore Mobile app that require you to update your mobile OS and mobile app to the following versions:  

  • Apple Users: iOS 9.0 or higher and Quore Mobile app version 4.6 or higher

  • Android Users: OS V6 (Marshmallow) or higher and Quore Mobile app version 1.15 or higher  

If you are not yet using the latest version of the Quore Mobile app, you will have an update notification in your device's app store. Tap to update and get access to the latest features we've added for you. 

To update your device or find our what version of the Quore Mobile app you are currently using, the following steps will help to minimize disruption and provide the best mobile experience across your hotel. 


Check your mobile device's settings:  

Check your mobile device's About page to view the current version of OS the device is running on. Apple users should see version 9.0 (V9) or higher. Android users should see V6 (Marshmallow) or higher. If your device is running on an older operating system, you will need to update to the latest version. 

Below is a list of Apple devices that are compatible with iOS 9.0. 

iPad iPhone iPod
iPad 2 iPhone 4s iPod touch 5th Gen
iPad 3rd Gen iPhone 5/5c/5s iPod Touch 6th Gen
iPad 4th Gen iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus
iPad mini/mini 2/mini 3/mini 4 iPhone SE
iPad 5th Gen iPhone 7/7 Plus
iPad Air/Air 2 iPhone 8/8 Plus
iPad Pro iPhone X

Click here to learn how to update your mobile Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch). 

Methods of updating Android devices will vary. Please contact your device manufacturer for further instructions.   


Check your Quore Mobile app version:

To see what version of of the Quore Mobile app you are currently running, sign in and select "My Hotel." Then, select the icon in the lower right corner of the screen to pull up the info that displays your current app version. 

Apple users should see Quore Mobile app version 4.6 or higher. Android users should see Quore Mobile app version 1.15 or higher.  



Please note that effective June 1st, Quore will no longer provide support for devices running older versions of the Quore Mobile app than those listed above.

If you are unable to update your mobile OS to the versions listed above, you will need to acquire a newer device by September 15th in order to continue using the mobile app.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will gladly assist in making the transition as smooth as possible for you. Please contact our support team with any questions.

Email support@quore.com or call our support team at (877) 974-9774.

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